A Few Biking Tips and Tricks

Most people will think that riding a motorbike is a fairly standard thing to do, but there are a few little tricks that you can try to make it safer.

Clutch control

Clutch control - A Few Biking Tips and Tricks

Most experienced riders would recommend just using two fingers to operate the clutch when just riding around town. Some riders will use this technique more when riding off-road, but it can be used just as well in an urban setting.

This is useful as riders feel as though they get more control this way due to the fact that both hands will have a firm hold of the bars. However, the effectiveness of this will depend upon the bike that you have, so a bit of trial and error may be necessary.

Adjusting the clutch friction zone

It is possible to adjust the clutch friction zone to suit the individual preference of the rider. Depending upon the bike that you have, the adjustment will be made on the cable itself or via a perch dial. Other bikes may have a screw or knob that can be adjusted.

The zone can be adjusted in any way to suit the rider as long as it is still working properly, so there is no slipping.

Turning circles

Turning circles - A Few Biking Tips and Tricks

Most people will find that it is easier to turn left on a bike than to turn right, so getting used to carrying out these turns will be of benefit. In the early days of motorbike ownership, experienced riders recommend finding a quiet car park or somewhere similar where you can practice.

Start with left circles and practice making them smaller and tighter. Then the same can be done in the opposite direction. You’ll be able to see the difference between the two turns in how easy they are, but the practice means that you’ll be able to carry out both with confidence.

A figure of eight

This works in the same way that the left and right circles do but links the two together. Again, start with a wide circle and make them increasingly smaller.

Starting the manoeuvre off slowly will also help, and as you become more confident with it, you can then gradually increase the speed. This will ensure that you feel as though you are in complete control of the bike.

There are many great advantages of joining a motorcycle club!